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Cool Green asks you to read the following Terms and Conditions concerning buying products of Cool Green, the trading name of CBD Trading GmbH, from its website and the use of its website: You automatically accept the Terms and Conditions, when using the Cool Green website, buying Cool Green products, or using other services of Cool Green, including any future changes or updates regarding these Terms and Conditions, the website or Cool Green products. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions of Cool Green, you are not allowed to use the services, including the use of the website or buying products, of Cool Green. Any discrepancies in interpretation of these Terms and Conditions of Cool Green may not be used against Cool Green. All content on this website is the intellectual property of Cool Green. Only with written permission from Cool Green, content may be distributed.

You declare that you are legally of age in your country of residence, and that the purchase and use of Cool Green products or services are legal in your country of residence or in the intended country for use. The product purchaser has the full and exclusive responsibility to guarantee compliance with this obligation, and Cool Green accordingly waives all responsibility in this respect.

About information on the website and products

Cool Green has drafted all information on the website of Cool Green, its products, leaflets and other documents with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, Cool Green cannot guarantee that all information is accurate, complete, and/or up-to-date. Cool Green may change any information on the Cool Green website, leaflets, documents and/or its products and alter products and/or services without prior notice, without accepting liability in respect of purchasers or other third parties.

All information given by Cool Green has the exclusive purpose to give general information, and cannot be seen as medical advice or knowledge. Most of the information on this website is based on research and the experience of CBD users, and this information is not a substitute for a medical doctor or medical care. Contact your own doctor when you feel ill. CBD products are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose diseases or illnesses. The use of Cool Green products is the users personal responsibility and the users own risk.

About products

Occasionally Cool Green issues special offers regarding its products and/or services. Cool Green reserves the right to change, limit or stop offers at any time, without needing to give reasons.

Cool Green reserves the right to limit or stop the sale to purchasers, third parties, or individual countries to its own judgment, without needing to give any reasons.

In case a loss or interruptions of service due to errors on the website, Cool Green will contact the purchaser, when possible to find a suitable solution.

Purchaser registration

To be able to purchase products of Cool Green via its website, the purchaser needs to create a Cool Green account. All personal information will be handled according to our Privacy Policy The selected password will be only known by the purchaser and together with the username must be handled with confidentiality by the purchaser. Any abuse of registration information is full responsibility of the purchaser, and Cool Green will assume that all information Cool Green receives via the chosen username and password is the genuine registered purchaser. If the purchaser suspects that other persons misuse the purchasers account, the purchaser is obliged to change the password immediately.

The purchaser ensures that all registration information is correct and up to date. Cool Green cannot be held responsible for delay delivery, delivery to the wrong address of the products, and/or additional costs due to invalid or wrong information provided by the purchaser.

Order agreement and delivery

With submission and payment of your products an order agreement is in place. Only after payment Cool Green will send the paid products between 2 and 7 working days to the provided address. The products can be followed through track and trace.

In case a purchased product is not in stock, Cool Green will notify the purchaser when the product will be available. In case, sending of the product is expected to be longer than 14 working days after the purchase date, the purchaser has the right to cancel the order and get a refund within 7 working days. The purchaser must accept part deliveries if one or more of the purchased products is not on stock. When Cool Green makes an error in delivery, Cool Green has the right to fulfil the order agreement within 20 working days after notice. If Cool Green cannot comply with these 20 working days, the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the order agreement, and Cool Green will reimburse no more than the purchase price. Cool Green cannot be held liable for further compensation for late or failed delivery. Cool Green reserves the right to reject an order and thus the order agreement without specifying reasons. If the order is delayed or has not arrived at the your location because of customs / or other reasons that are not within the power of Cool Green the cost of the product will not reimbursed. The customer is responsible for the order if purchased in any another nation / Country than Switserland.

All prices on the website of Cool Green or other documents include value added tax. Shipping costs will be specified separately. Cool Green will send the products from CBD trading, Efibach 40, 6473 Silenen If any extra costs arise due import charges or any other costs, the purchaser is responsible to pay these extra costs. For further information about these costs, contact your customs authorities at the destination location. Cool Green cannot be held liable for damage or loss of the products during transport.

Cool Green will not be held liable for losses or injuries suffered by purchaser and/or user regarding the order agreement, delivery or use of the Cool Green products and services. The purchaser and/or user agrees to use Cool Green products and services at the purchaser’s and/or user’s own risk.

Return policy

At the moment the purchaser receives the ordered products, the purchaser is obliged to inspect the products, and will notify Cool Green within 7 days after receipt of the product of possible defects, otherwise, Cool Green considers the products as approved by the purchaser. Cool Green products are made from natural resources and are prone to natural variation, such as smell, taste and color. The purchaser accepts these natural variations when ordering and paying the products. All products are offered in the latest version regarding labelling, pictures, information and oil processing, and can deviate from the presented products on the website. Cool Green cannot be held liable regarding these deviations.

If your order is custom made product / CBD oil a refund is not possible. You will be asked to sign an order conformation up front. These products are non-refundable and will be send with a certificate especially for this order. These products are mainly business to business and for orders outside of switserland.

Products with an error must be returned to Cool Green, CBD trading, Efibach 40, 6473 Silenen for inspection. Cool Green has the right to replace the product or to reimburse the purchase price, only. Cool Green is not liable for any losses experienced by the purchaser due to faulty products.

In case you are not satisfied with your product, you can return the products which are sealed, unopened and unused in their original packaging, to Cool Green CBD trading, Efibach 40, 6473 Silenen within 14 calendar days following receipt of the products. At the moment Cool Green have received the returned products, and the conditions for return are fulfilled, the purchase price will be reimbursed, though not the delivery and return costs.


The agreement between Cool Green, the purchaser and these terms and conditions is exclusively subject to the Swiss law. Applicability of the United Nations Sales Convention is explicitly excluded. Any disputes arising from or in relation to the agreement between Cool Green, the purchaser and these terms and the customer, and these terms and conditions shall be exclusively submitted to the court of Basel in Switzerland.

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